Hokkaido 北海道犬

Area of origin: Hokkaido island

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Photo/owner: Jana Janečková, from the left -  Gorou Hayakita Miura Kensha,  Gorou Hayakita Miura Kensha,  Yukiko Howasou


  • Height (NIPPO standard): male 49-55 cm, female 46-52

  • Height (FCI standard): male 48,5-51,5 cm, female 45,5-48,5 cm

  • Weight: male 17-20 kg, female 14-17 kg

Coat colors: white (shiro), red (aka), black and tan (kuro), brindle (tora), sesame (goma), and wolf grey

Fun fact: 

Hokkaido ken allegedly comes from Honshu island and was accompanying Ainu people during their moving to Hokkaido island in 12th century. It is assumed to be the oldest and most primitive original Japanese breed. It also has the smallest ears out of all 6 of them.

Hokkaido was designated a living national monument in 1937.

Breeders in Slovakia: None

Hokkaido is the Japanese breed with the most color varieties. It is slightly bigger than Shiba and they used to call it “Ainu ken” based on Ainu people that Hokkaido came with from korean peninsula to Hokkaido island. The breed is known for its endurance, thanks to its built it copes very well with tough winters and lots of snow.

FCI standard for Hokkaido allows for blue or black spots on the tongue (while e.g. with Akitas this is eliminating fault). The breed was used also for deer and bear hunting, similarly as Akitas, as the dogs dispose with the same courage, however, on top they have extraordinary stamina. Nowadays there are occasionally shows in Japan, where Hokkaidos are put in front of the live bear and judges are testing its hunting skills- reactions, movement, and prey drive.


Photo/owner: Jana Janečková - from the left:  Yukiko Howasou,  Gorou Hayakita Miura Kensha

Owner/photo: Jana Janečková,  Cora Akuri Jume