Kishu 紀州犬

Area of origin: Honshu island, Wakayama and Mie prefectures


From the left, owner/photo: A. Masaryková, females Benihime Go Gentle Heart and Bizen Damu Kara, on the right: photo: L. Hajek, owner: N. Navrátilová, male Daiki Go Gentle Heart


Height (NIPPO standard): male 49-55 cm, female 46-52 cm

Height (FCI standard): male 52 cm (+/- 3cm), female 49 cm (+/- 3cm)

Weight: male 20-25 kg, female 15-18 kg

Coat colors: white (shiro), red (aka), and sesame (goma) - white being the most popular

Fun fact: 

Kishu inu acted in internationally famous Japanese series Goro the white dog (jap. Ôgon no inu) from 1980s.  

Kishu was designated a living national monument in 1934.

Breeders in Slovakia: Yes

Kishu is just a bit larger than Hokkaido and Kai, and is about the same size as Shikoku. Similarly to other Japanese spitz dogs, Kishu was primarily used for hunting purposes (mainly wild boars and deer). Although the history of this breed remembers different color varieties including pinto, situation has developed into current state where majority of all dogs is white thanks to breeders and owners long time preferences. There are only minor numbers of sesame or red dogs. This breed along with Kai has probably the smallest representation in central Europe area.

In Japan, it the main registry is maintained by Nihon Ken Hozonkai which holds also main registry for Shiba inu.


Photo/owner: Nikola Navrátilová,  Akari Damu Kara

Photo/owner: Adriana Masaryková,  Benihime Go Gentle Heart and Bizen Damu Kara