Shiba 柴犬

Area of origin: central Japan


Photo from the left:, Easy Going Dar Chingiza, Viktor Adamov, Zumi "Nala" Wakizashi of Tianito, Martin Šimiak, Aya LG-noble kennels @ Shibi


Smallest of original Japanese breeds.

Height (NIPPO standard): male 38-41 cm, female 35-38 cm

Height (FCI standard): male 39,5 cm (+/- 1,5 cm), female 36,5 cm (+/- 1,5 cm)

Weight: male 12-13.5 kg, female 9-11 kg

Coat colors: red, black and tan, and sesame (sesame being divided into 2 subtypes: agouti type = black sesame (kurogoma) or sable type = red sesame (goma)). White (or cream) Shiba are also born on occasion, but are disqualified in the NIPPO show ring (registration is allowed).

Fun fact: 

Shiba inu is the only original japanese breed that was not named after a particular region as it comes from a very large area in central Japan.

In the beginning of well known Hollywood movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009) producers used Shiba puppy instead of Akita.

Shiba was designated a living national monument in 1936.

Breeders in Slovakia: Yes

They say that Shiba is a cat in a dog's body . They spend a significant part of the day taking care of their coat and if they live inside, they love to find their spot by the window to enjoy the outside world. Be it a street or a yard, they must know what's going on. Shibas don't bark too much, however new owners might get surprised by their vocal expressions. They can squeak, yell, sing, miaow, roar like a lion - they can produce a solid span of sounds and their play is a bit rough and noisy. 

Shibas are big actors , especially at the vet's they are able to scream also when nothing's going on or when it's all over already. If the owner tolerates it, they play a real scene. Some Shibas have suppressed the prey drive, while others have it quite high - future owners should be ready for that. Similarly as other original japanese breeds, Shiba can be walked off the leash in a safe environment, however only after a proper training. Shiba owners have an inside joke - which is a true story by the way - "it's small, it's white and disappearing behind the horizon. What is that? - Answer: it's a Shiba tail after being recalled.. and as for the tail... 

Do you know what the Japanese say about it? It looks like being blown by the breeze... And who would disagree with that :).


Photo:,, Viktor Adamov,