There are currently 1 representative of this breed in Slovakia, bitch - puppy, which was imported from Hungarian kennel. We believe that after successful bonitation in adulthood, the breeding of this Japanese breed in Slovakia will be established and developed. Nearest kennels which breed this breed are located in the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands etc.

Bitch (4 months old, 1/2020) Rinzetaru Ayumi is new addition to your kennel Wakizashi of Tianito. When did you become interested in this breed and why you have actually chosen the Shikoku breed?

Tibor Tóth: I saw this breed for the first time about 4 years ago and I was waiting for 2 years for this litter, from which we then chose this bitch. I have been breeding Shiba for almost 10 years, I wanted to stay with Japanese breeds - Shikoku is the closest to my preferences in terms of exterior, size and character of all other Japanese breeds.

What ancestors does this bitch come from?

T.T.: On the side of father there are purely Japanese lines, on the side of mother there are 4 European generations already in breeding of this breed.

Is it possible to compare Shikoku puppies with Shiba puppies from your first weeks of experience?

T.T.: We will see how her character develops after puberty in adulthood. There are some similarities, but the bitch is calmer. In her 4 months, however, she has grown into size of adult Shiba. She is nice, playful and contact - I can say that I am happy with the puppy, but until she matures, it will take some time.

Where admirers of this breed can see your puppy?

T.T.: This year we plan to take her to the open air exhibition (IDS) in Lučenec and the Veľká Ida.

Photo/owner: Tibor Tóth, Rinzetaru Ayumi